The need for a better way of making payment online for Nigerians is Solved by UBA Africard. Recently a lot of online entrepreneurs in Nigeria have issues paying for foreign goods or services online. But, the solution Finders were never sleeping.

To solve this problem, UBA introduced its Prepaid Visa Card. because of this, they are the best bank in Nigeria (Not Over hyping). Coupled with  LEO my guy that lets you bank seamlessly from your facebook messenger app.

Read on to find out how this card works and how to get one. But before then,


What is UBA Africard?

UBA Africard
Front View Of How UBA Africard Looks

UBA Africard also known as UBA Prepaid Card is a card that is not connected to any bank or needs an account number to operate.

It works independently without adding an account number. However, before you can get a UBA Africard, you need to provide authentic Government Documents such as; Electricity Bill and Valid National Identity card.

This currently supports over 200 countries including the US, Canada, and Uk.

The wonderful prepaid card can be used to verify a PayPal account and also withdraw funds.

I will show you how to do that soon enough, for now, let’s focus on the main.


Features Of UBA Africard Prepaid Card

  • Make Payments and withdraw 24/7 Hours Online and access to funds.
  • PayPal Integration Enabled.
  • Withdrawal From PayPal To Africard.
  • Self Pin Generation.
  • Every payment is secured, verified, and Protected by Visa.
  • PIN is protected with High tech Security chip.
  • Your Funds will still be intact in case of theft or damage of card.


How To Apply For UBA Africard Prepaid Card.

To Apply for UBA africard Prepaid card, you will need to follow the steps below carefully. But you go on and apply, here are some things you may need to know.

  • If you are not the one applying for the card, the application might not be accepted or eligible.
  • You as the applicant must be present in the bank during the process of form and card issuing.
  • The applicant (you) will need to provide the following documents as it is compulsory if you want to apply for the UBA africard.


Requirements To Get UBA Prepaid Card

  • A Drivers License or National Identity Card (ID Card)
  • Utility Bill (PHCN or Water Bill) Not older than 3 months.
  • A colored passport Photograph.
  • A minimum of ₦2,000 to fund and activate the Prepaid card.


Steps To Apply For UBA Prepaid Card

Once you have all the above-required documents walk into the nearest UBA bank branch your local area.

Meet one of the customer representatives and request that you want to collect an africard prepaid card.

  • A form will be given to you as if you want to create a new bank account, accept and fill it.
  • Submit back the for to the customer rep together with your documents as requested. The card should be ready in less than an hour or two.
  • You will be given an envelope containing your UBA Africard Prepaid Card and your activation pin.
  • One of the pins is for withdrawals and the other for online payments.
  • You are required to deposit a minimum of ₦2,000 using the 10 digit number at the back of the card.

Once you pay the ₦2,000 into your card, you are required to visit and enter the pin you were given by the bank.

Once the card is active, you are ready to shop unlimited from 200+ country.

Do you know any other bank that issues such card as UBA Africard In Nigeria?


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