Top PUBG Tips and Tricks to Enhance Your Gameplay

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There are so many little tips and tricks worth knowing for PUBG that we’ve decided to compile one big ol’ list of them right here, splitting them up into the relevant categories so you can choose to skip ahead, or just browse at your leisure.

  The best thing about PUBG is that it’s really easy to pick up. . As time goes, the map shrinks so you have to be on the move constantly. While PUBG is easy to pick up, it’s not so easy to win. That’s where we come in.

       The 10 best tips and tricks on PUBG

  1. Don’t play too much: When playing such a high stakes game, it is easy to slip into addiction. Addictions like these mostly develop in people who are in a vacuum, and do not indulge in social interactions.

You shouldn’t spend all your time and the whole day playing games, get something creative to do.

  • Grenades are a great form of distraction: Grenades aren’t just an effective way of killing your enemies, they also are great for creating distractions. When you’re not sure where your enemies are then you throw a grenade instead ,Players will often confuse the mark for an enemy and try to strike, but you’d always be waiting for them instead. 
  • Engage only when you are sure: Shoot When you are sure of your enemy or instead take cover and call out and maybe ask one of your team players for some cover fire. Sometimes not firing is way better than firing.
  • Heal as you go: Unlike most games, PUBG does not have an auto heal feature, after all it is a survival game. Use a combination of painkillers, energy drinks, bandages, health packs and medkits to keep yourself going. It is easy to ignore looting these, but if you want to last till the end, everything counts.
  • Be a team player: Going solo feels like the heroic thing to do, and you always hope to rack up more kills that way. But, it isn’t the most recommended way of going about the game. Learn to stick with your team as it guarantees that you will last longer. . Turning on your voice chat also helps guide other team players, but make sure you mute the annoying ones as they can prove to be your greatest distraction.
  • Make use of headphones: It’s great to just open the game and start playing as is, but using headphones is a neat little trick that helps a lot. PUBG uses directional audio like many other games, and using headphones really helps you to identify the sounds of footsteps, gunfire and more.
  • Always strategize from the start: When fighting for the top spot in a battle royale that heavily depends on survival, a good strategy is the most important thing. And, the strategy needs to begin even before you actually parachute ypur way down to the map. Do a little research on the areas on the map that offer the most loot and also know the zones that are high risk. That way you’d be one step ahead from the very start.
  • Keep training: Before you jump straight onto the multiplayer map (pun intended), polish your skills on the training map that the games offer. Here you can test various weapons, learn to drive a variety of vehicles and even experiment with a few techniques that help you get closer to scoring big.
  • Settings are everything: You cannot just jump into this game and expect big wins if you haven’t dabbled with the settings a bit. You can optimise the graphics for a lag-free experience, turn on Aim Assist so point and shoot becomes easier, and choose to use the gyroscope too.
  • Furthermore, the option to choose between a third person mode and first person mode also makes the experience more user friendly. Okne can also adjust the size and position of the controls which goes a long way in keeping your gaming experience smooth. An additional tip, keep your peek and fire setting on (you’ll need it!)
  • Wheels are better than legs: Need to get somewhere fast? Then you need a vehicle, my friend.Vehicles are around just pick one and go for it

 Do you have any other PUBG Mobile tips and tricks to share with your fellow comrades? Fire away in the comments.

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