Best gaming routers for ps4

Best Gaming Routers For PS4 Under $100

Are you looking for the best gaming router PS4 under $100? If yes, you are at the right place.

Just as the way technology is rapidly advancing and diversifying, so is the need for gamers to step up their ‘game’.

As one who is into streaming of video games, you definitely need something that is powerful enough to transmit strong connections between the internet service providers to the gaming platform.

What brings about the derivation of such power is called a gaming router.

Chances are you are already aware of what a gaming router for PS4 is and that is why you have come here to get a good gaming router for PS4.

However, you will agree with me that a perfect router has been uniquely designed to give speed and sharp performance when playing on an Xbox or computer.

The routers for PS4 that are reviewed in this article are perfect for handling HD streaming and multiple devices.

This is something you would not want to look away from especially if you own a PS4 or you are one who plays video games.

Using a quality gaming router for your PS4 games goes beyond enjoying high-quality gaming experience.

With Best router for gaming PS4, there won’t be a string of interruption when your friends are continuously browsing online and streaming videos.

I have taken quality time in digging out the best cheap router for PS4 that is affordable and powerful in a way that they have sufficient QoSand will provide the high-end graphics and audio of a game.

Having any of these quality gaming routers allows you to play, experience and enjoy your video games the way the producers have designed it to be played and enjoyed.

While I usually recommend that gamers set up their router close to where they normally game, there is nothing as cool as using routers with Ethernet connections that are ideal for gaming.

This is really important for gaming PS4. I have also included some really fantastic gaming routers for PS4 with a Wi-Fi-enabled router because I understand that you will be free to move around the home with your computer even when gaming.

There is so much crucial information I will share with you In this article about gaming PS4 apart from the best gaming routers to buy that are below $100.

But before we dive into the details, let’s run through the original concept of PS4 gaming and how it connects with the need to use a powerful gaming router.

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What are Gaming Routers for PS4?

When playing games online, you need gaming routers to provide fast and uninterrupted connection.

They are used so that low ping and low lag will be produced. In other words, ideal gaming routers for video games such as PS4 will provide the best striking gaming experience.

They are designed with features that makes you discover their importance when they are absent in a game setup.

Just in case you are in a hurry, below lies an overview of the best gaming routers for PS4 under $100 to buy.

Quick recommendation on the best gaming routers for PS4 under $100

NetGear N600 Dual band Wi-Fi gaming router for PS4
Asus dual-band 2×2 AC1300 super last Wi-Fi 4-port Gigabit router
Motorola MG7540 as the best router for gaming at home
Medialink AC1200 Wireless Gigabit Router

How to choose the best gaming routers for PS4

Here, I will show you how you can make the best choice when it comes to buying gaming routers for PS4, especially for ones below 100$.

I will also share with you a personal tip that I incorporate whenever I want to get a gaming router for myself.

When choosing a gaming router for PS4, some of the indispensable factors to consider include the speed of your Internet Service Connection, the total number of connected devices in the home, as well as the size of the home or room where you want to install your router.

Above all, here are the few, important things to be focused on when choosing a gaming router for PS4.

1. Speed of RAM and capacity of processor

You want a higher QoS? Then you know better than to go for low processor capacity.

You get higher speed from the processorwith more speed. And as you probably know, games are more about speed.

Just like the rudiments of buying a good computer, you should consider the RAM speed and processor capacity as the speed at which the gaming router handles connections and transfers data to the connected devices relies greatly on this.

2. Network latency

When I come across gaming routers with latency of about 20 milliseconds, it is worthy to be called among the best. Network latency is simply the duration that the data packets lag when transmitting from computer to game server.

You want this time to be as low as possible. So, game routers for PS4 with latency of 30 milliseconds are much preferred by experts.

I would not advise a friend to choose gaming routers with network latency of about 150 milliseconds or more as they may experience slow and frustrating experiences.

3. Multiple bands Wi-Fi connectivity

Modern gaming routers are now equipped with the ability to transmit up to two or three channels output at same time. This should be on your focus too.

4. Internet connection speed

It is basically about speed and high-standard connectivity.

Here, internet connection represents the data that comes into your router from your ISP.

5. Gigabit Ethernet

The number of wired Ethernet ports of your gaming router is determined by the Gigabit Ethernet.

One of your considerations when choosing a gaming router for PS4 is the number of hardwired connected devices that are in your home and its correlation to this feature of gaming routers.

6. Wireless Standards specifications

I always choose one that features the latest wireless standard specifications because wireless standards normally change from time to time.

Each gaming router is designed for specific standards of wireless connectivity. For example, avid gamers should be looking into the newest WiFi6 spec (802.11ax).

7. Price of the product

Lastly on the few important things that you must pay attention to when choosing a gaming router for PS4 is the price.

One thing you should be aware of is that they are really cool routers for any kind of budget, if, particularly, you want to get a great gaming router for PS4 without spending more than $100, then this article is made just for you!

Along with the price of the product is a reasonable warranty.  It is enough to invest so much in a gaming router without any warranty to protect the product.

Reasons why you need a quality gaming router for your PS4

One of the reasons why it is needed to have a quality gaming router for PS4 is to enjoy a flawless gaming experience.

It makes things really comfortable since your wireless network will be run on a device that is assembled to handle any amount of bandwidth you can toss towards the device.

1. They provide powerful performance for Gaming

There is a huge limitation placed on how maximum you can enjoy your gaming experience when you are running your PS4 off of a weak router together with a weak CPU with limited RAM/flash memory.

Using any of the routers I’ll be providing in this article will expose you to what you might have been missing out on video games connectivity.

2. They top the level of your security

There are really high chances that while you leave your network wide open (definitely to compete with people online) there may be scandalous hackers that will not hesitate to hijack your valued details.

This is where the use of gaming routers for PS4 with developed security options which includes VPN-compatibility to assure maximum cyber security.

3. Enjoy a More Stable Performance

The fact that modern gaming routers now offer more network stability, it will help in avoiding interruptions in your gaming sessions thereby raising the standards and performance really high.

With a quality gaming router, you can enjoy online PS4 gaming without worrying about potential service interruptions.

4. Advanced features for Faster Performance

There are various options of gaming routers for PS4 that provide any number of Wireless-AC devices that will give you that wireless speed that you yearn for and beyond.

Best gaming router for PS4 under $100 – Detailed review

So here is the full cake of this article. Explore our exclusive recommendations on the best gaming router for PS4 to buy below $100.

1. NetGear N600 Dual band wifi gaming router for PS4

NetGear N600

About product

This is our top pick, this time, when it comes to affordable gaming routers for PS4. You should have this gaming router to enjoy maximum gaming experience.  It is toppling the list because none of the gaming routers we have come across can boast of the fast Wi-Fi speed at about over 300 + 300Mbps that this product features.

While it is an ideal, wireless gaming router, it is designed with features to deliver sharp performance.

Another reason why I would recommend this product first anytime is because it has a wide Wi-Fi range. In this way, you can use it for large homes.

The NetGear N600 Dual band wifi gaming router for PS4 also works well with Windows 8. I think this is the best bet for avid gamers out there.

I personally love this gaming router because it offers more simple management of your connection when gaming with PS4.

Reasons to buy

Apart from PS4, you can use this gaming router for Xbox without worrying about interruption.

There is definitely better connectivity on several Wi-Fi devices. It is a very outstanding gaming router that features a ready share objective.

In this way, gamers with this type of router can enjoy a faster and easier shared access to an external USB storage.

A notable improvement on this router that makes it stand out is the Live Parental Controls. It is powered by OpenDNS. It gives you total control over any dangerous scope. While playing, it puts you in charge.

Above all, it is really worth glorifying because it is not only the best gaming router for PS4 but also a cheap one you can afford. You can now get the best out of your online gaming as well as meet Wi-Fi needs around your home.

Special features

Ethernet Ports: 5
Compatibility: 802.11 a/b/g/n
Data Transfer Rate: 300 Mb per second
Frequency Bands : Dual Band 2.4GHz


Installation is super easy
It has a good range
The power is quite low
It comes with Automatic QoS


Might keep dropping connections

2. Arris Surfboard SBG7400AC2


Arris Surfboard SBG7400AC2

About product

Rated as among the top gaming routers for online games, it may be your best option for your streaming and gaming.

If you are on a budget and you want a gaming router for your PS4 game that will assure uninterrupted connection, then you may want to consider this Arris Surfboard SBG7400AC2 gaming router.

It is also ideal for phone and chat messaging making it the top choice for most people.

If you are going to choose this router and it’s going to be your first time, then the how-to collection of YouTube videos by the manufacturers will serve as a friendly guide.

The product is backed by a two-year warranty for protection while you get the most from your streaming and gaming experience.

I personally fancy this gaming router as it is equipped with brisk data transfer credentials that makes it a top choice for those who are into video games specifically the PS4 games.

Reasons to buy

One incredible reason why you won’t want to look further than this game router is that It guarantees a better setup capacity for users as a result is the signature SURFboard app.

In addition to this, this game router is designed to boost your connectivity provided with the wide range of features. It has everything that is needed and required in a gaming router for PS4.

In fact, it can also provide strong connectivity across dual bands. With this feature, you can make connections with many devices having different bandwidths.


Compatible in excess of 1.5GBs speeds
Comes with a manager application


Reviewers confirmed that the downward range on the router’s antenna isn’t powerful enough.

3. Asus dual-band 2×2 AC1300 super last wifi 4-port Gigabit router

Asus dual-band 2×2 AC1300

About product

This special gaming router for PS4 comes with MU-MIMO and USB 3.0. This is probably something that will pique your interest on this Asus dual-band 2×2 AC1300 super last wifi 4-port Gigabit router because you can now share your drive or external flash with the network without any problems.

Along with its four antennae, the gaming router assures coverage all-around your home. Since the connections are availableeverywhere, you can actually roam freely with the device.

The installation process can be done in a clinch. It is one of the best gaming routers for Not only PS4, but also streaming online games.

You don’t want to miss out the great, strong connection of this router. It assures consistent bandwidth connectivity.

Reasons to buy

When we look at the fact that Asus dual-band 2×2 AC1300 super last wifi 4-port Gigabit router Features a 2×2 MU-MIMO technology downright stands out. And it still features a lot more; it may prove more seasons why you should consider it as your best choice.

It has a very sharp and fast performance that will impress you. Along with this is the app which offers users total confrontationwhen monitoring and managing network from a mobile. The fact that the concurrent speeds of up to 867Mbps or 5GHz, we can conclude that it is a unique gaming router.

Specifications of Asus Asus dual-band 2×2 AC1300 super last wifi 4-port Gigabit router

Ethernet Ports: 5
Data Transfer Rate: 1,267 Mb per second
Frequency Bands: Dual-Band 2.4GHz


Has an off-brand generic AC adapter
Easy router setup and installation
USB port makes sharing drives easy
High speed at 1267 Mbps


Some Users have experienced  interference with programmable timer lights.

4. Motorola MG7540