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So you may have heard about Ammyy Admin and that’s what you’re here for, it may be that you’ve been referred by a friend or seen the name somewhere in a forum, whatever it is, be rest assured that this ammyy admin review is the right one for you.


So first let’s see what this app called Ammy Admin is.


What is Ammyy Admin?


Ammyy Admin is an application that helps you to perform remote task, on a computer far away from you.


When I say remote task I means work that doesn’t require your presence in a place or facility.


Let’s take an example:


You’re a web designer and you want to help your client fix a small mistake he made as he changed the source code of the website you’ve already created.


Using Ammyy Admin you don’t have to travel down to your clients office, rather you can just connect to it and then you’re in your clients computer and you can now fix the mistake he made.


See! It’s that’s easy and cost efficient.


Why you should use Any Admin:


Yeah you may be thinking, it’s a good thing that this app can do, but there are other bunch of alternative apps like this to use, so why exactly should you use ammyy Admin?

Ammyy Admin Review: Pros

You should consider using ammyy admin for the following reasons


  • It doesn’t require a Set up, hence you can use it on the GO.
  • It supports file transfer, so you can share files and apps through it despite the distance
  • You can voice chat with the person who owns the computer you are accessing.
  • It supports full screen, so you don’t have anything in the background disturbing you
  • It has a spontaneous support.
  • You can share clipboards using it.
  • The Download file is small

So these are the reasons to use it despite the competition behind.


But as we all know everything that has an advantage has a disadvantage….. so let’s see these things that can push you not to use it despite the amazing feature that it has.


Ammyy Admin Review:  Cons


Alright, so let’s see why you should not use ammyy Admin…


  • It doesn’t support text chat, so if the place is noisy the voice chat won’t be effective.
  • It’s not Free for commercial use, so you should only use it for personal projects
  • It doesn’t support Wake-on-LAN.
  • You can’t connect to it natively through a web browser, so you MUST get the app.
  • And this last one is serious, the website is  flagged to be Malicious.


Let’s discuss the last one.


Why is Ammyy Admin Flagged Malicious Is Ammyy Admin Safe?


The app itself is safe so using it on your computer is safe, but here’s the danger.


The website is tagged malicious because of some hackers who invaded the site and then Install malicious programs in it.


So if you are Downloading the app, it can be contaminated with virus or you can download virus along with the malware free app.


As a result of this chrome and Mozilla has blocked Download from the site and the only way now to download from it is to use Opera mini and Edge or even Internet Explorer.




Ammyy Admin is a great software if it fits your preferences you can get it on your PC.


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Ammyy admim
Ammyy Admin [Full Review + Free Download Guide]
Ammyy Admin Final Thoughts
Ammyy Admin definately has caught the eye of many.
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